Astro Pi: Mission Zero

is an opportunity for children to write a short program that will run on the Astro Pi units on the International Space Station. Every participant will receive a certificate with the time and date their code was executed. Submissions for 2017 are closed. Sign up for Astro Pi's mailing list for updates about this and future missions!
  • Only use required and allowed modules. The sense_hat module must be used. The random and time module may be used as well.
  • Your program is over 1000 characters of text. Try making it a bit shorter.
  • Don't use input or wait for events. Your program shouldn't rely on input from a person.
  • Check your program for improper language.

Mission Zero submissions each met the following requirements:

  • read the temperature from the sensor,
  • use the LED matrix,
  • and run your program without any errors.

Official submissions will run for 30 seconds on the International Space Station.