Code the Sense HAT in Your Browser!

New from Trinket and the Raspberry Pi Foundation: Explore Your World with Sensors and Python

Did you know? There's a Sense HAT orbiting the earth in the International Space Station. Check out to learn more.

Try out some of the example Python programs below to see what the Sense HAT can do. You can use the Sense HAT features from your own Python trinkets by typing import sense_hat at the top!

  • Sensors!

    Select Temperature, Pressure, or Humidity then manipulate the sliders to change the LED's readout.

  • Rock Paper Pi

    Use the arrows keys to select Rock, Paper, or Scissors, then press Enter to play against the Pi.

  • Flappy HAT

    Help your little bird fly through the obstacles. How many points can you get?

  • Astro Bug

    Eat the food and avoid the enemies! What level can you reach?