Schools are at the heart of Trinket's vision of Code in Every Classroom.
That's why we offer big discounts for orders of 10 or more accounts with our School Plans 

Let us show you what the world's friendliest code editor can do for your students.

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Trinket for Schools pricing applies to any order of 10 or more yearly accounts.
Retail pricing applies for smaller orders.

Get the plan that's right for your needs & budget

Here are three ways to use Trinket with a class of 20 students and 1 teacher:

Code Code+ Connect Annual Price
Get Started 21 - - Free!
Get Connected 20 - 1 $72
Get Code+ - 20 1 $240

We know every school is different, so we accept many payment methods, from departmental credit cards to purchase orders to grant funding. Get in touch if your organization has special circumstances.

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